Warehousing system

Warehousing system

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The warehousing system developed by our company is highly flexible and can easily correspond to the receipt, inventory, storage, and delivery of goods. Through our system, you can receive the ongoing status of the goods in real time, including the arrival of the goods, Weight, box size, etc., after all the goods are ready, you only need to click the delivery button, and the warehouse staff will arrange the outbound transportation of the goods as soon as possible.

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After the goods arrive at our company's warehouse, the warehouse staff will scan the warehouse for the first time, and the order status will be changed to the arrival status, and then different goods will be sorted and shipped to different inspection teams for inspection.


We stock a wide selection of packaging materials including a variety of boxes, Various size OPP bags and corner protectors. Our team has lots of experience ensuring all goods despatched are suitably packaged, correctly branded with your company information and any additional marketing materials / inserts are included.

You are also welcome to supply your own packaging or we can help you to have your own brand packaging manufactured in China to your specifications.

About packing

Different from other warehousing companies, picking and packing is carried out when the goods are delivered. Our company directly packs the goods after the inspection is completed and generates a packing list synchronously. You can check the packing information in the system at any time.

Ship on the same day

In e-commerce, it is essential to send orders quickly, we can ship the same day after you click the ship button, and choose the fastest shipping method to deliver to your designated location

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