Dropshipping service

Dropshipping service

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One-piece drop shipping is one of the best procurement models with low risk and quick returns. It solves the problem of overstocking inventory and saves the tedious process of packing and contacting logistics companies. The goods are directly sent to the designated order destination, and the self-developed goods transportation system is used to connect with the procurement system. When the products are inspected without any problems, they will automatically enter the goods transportation system after packaging, and use personal terminal equipment to print international shipping labels. , while saving a lot of manpower and material resources, it also ensures the accuracy of transportation data and shortens the delivery time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about International Express Shipping

How to charge for international express delivery?
Packaging and delivery on behalf of everyone is charged according to the material fee and labor fee used by everyone. Professionals and professional equipment operate with high efficiency, strong professionalism, and low error rate, saving worry and effort.

Where is the transit warehouse?
Our company's transit warehouses are established in Qingdao, Guangzhou and Yiwu, and we will arrange transit warehouses near your shipping address.

How is the efficiency of drop shipping?
Compared with personal processing, the efficiency of warehousing, packaging and delivery is very high. There are special warehouse managers to receive the goods, register the goods, check the goods, put the goods into the warehouse correctly, and hand them over to the operators to sort, pack, and place orders. Arrange for shipment. Generally speaking, the goods can be put into the warehouse on the same day when they are received on the same day, and they can be shipped out of the warehouse within 48 hours, which is very fast.

How to connect the supplier's goods?
It is very simple to connect the goods of the supplier. When you place an order in the logistics system, remember to fill in the logistics order number of the domestic express to bind it. After the goods arrive at the company, they will be scanned, confirmed, and put into the warehouse, and then the next step can be performed. Of course, there are logistics specialists assisting the entire process during this process.

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