Purchasing system

Purchasing system

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

Customers can place orders through the procurement system independently developed by our company. Our professional procurement team has rich experience in docking with tens of thousands of stores, and can purchase goods, return and exchange goods, etc. according to customer needs. One-time communication and solution, because of the high flexibility and transparency of our company’s system, customers can follow up the status of goods in real time, so that customers can be absolutely assured and assured, and customers will never have to worry about the future

Product Detail

Product Tags

Place an order

The system is connected to the mainstream shopping websites in China, and the product information (color, size, etc.) can be directly brought in by entering the product link. After clicking the confirm button, the system will automatically generate an order, which is convenient and fast


When the system prompts you to receive a new order, the buyer will purchase the product as soon as possible. If you encounter a product that is out of stock and other unsuccessful purchases, the order status will be changed as soon as possible, and you will receive an order without order in the system. Inventory Status Alert

Problem handling

Because of the high intelligence of the system, any quality problems in the inspection products can be uploaded to the buyer's problem parts system in real time. of any item is perfect

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