Personalized packaging customization service

Personalized packaging customization service

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

Can make clothes washing labels, collar labels and sew and replace according to your requirements.

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The quality of a brand's packaging will reflect the strength of the brand's popularity in the minds of consumers. The strength of consumer awareness will definitely affect the brand value of a company, as well as its business value. Good packaging can affirm product quality, and consumers' affirmation of quality is part of a brand's equity. Consumers' perceptions of a brand's quality often influence their perceptions of the brand's identity and other aspects.
As a terminal sales tool, packaging faces direct consumers. It conducts one-to-one direct communication. It should reflect the brand's affinity and reputation, so that consumers can experience the first intimate contact. It can generate a good impression and ultimately affect its purchasing decision, so Prime launched the following packaging customization services according to the needs of customers

Can make product tags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, etc.

Can make clothes washing labels, collar labels and sew and replace according to your requirements.

Products can be repackaged to your specifications and placed in your custom box.

Create a marketing insert to place in your package and help strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Product labels, creative stickers can be made and pasted on the product according to your requirements.

The above customization items are all customized by a custom specialist, who will draw the artwork according to your ideas. After you confirm the sample artwork is correct, you will start to make samples. The samples can be modified many times until you are satisfied.
Prime has many years of rich packaging product production. Experience, established a professional design team, can design a design scheme that fits the product and customer concept according to customer needs and product positioning, and connect with Duojia packaging production factory to provide more exquisite packaging. Said Prime has achieved one-stop service from design, to proofing, printing, production, packaging, shipping and delivery

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