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Prime Logistics, founded in January 2010, is one of the earliest third-party logistics providers in China to carry out modern integrated management of logistics and operate with the modern logistics concept.

Advanced and efficient information processing means effectively guarantees Prime's continuous progress. "Prime Automated Logistics Information System (ALIS)" pursues a flexible and perfect architecture in design, and pursues accurate, comprehensive and real-time information in the application. ALIS plays a very important role in the rapid information transfer of the company and has become an indispensable tool for network operation. The high degree of informatization not only makes lean management possible but also provides customers with higher-value information services.

Prime advocates a "people-oriented" corporate culture. While constantly accumulating third-party logistics service experience, we have cultivated a large number of professionals who are very familiar with the logistics market and logistics knowledge of various countries and have introduced a group of high-level logistics talent and management talent to form an innovative, pragmatic and professional management team. The excellent Prime team realizes the company’s sustainable development and ensures Prime's leading position in the industry while providing super value services for customers.

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Personalized Service

Personalized service is the essence of the logistics needs of modern enterprises. According to the logistics needs of each customer, Prime designs an overall logistics solution for the customer, and provides logistics function integration and social logistics integration services on the basis of collecting, analyzing and processing real-time logistics information, to improve the efficiency of logistics management and reduce operating costs. On top of offering efficient warehousing, fast transportation, lean delivery, overall logistics scheme planning, logistics consulting and other logistics services, we also provide customers with multiple value-added services like barcode management, rePrimeishment, packaging, and inventory analysis. The implementation of these services provides a reliable guarantee for customers to achieve rapid response and decisive victory and save cost. Finite time, infinite opportunities!


Advanced logistics service concept, perfect logistics information system and excellent staff constitute Prime's scientific and efficient internal management and customer service system.

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Prime is well-known in the industry for its high-standard positioning, management level and extraordinary development speed. Prime is the first in the domestic industry to obtain the ISO9001 certificate;

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Prime has established a perfect information system, a sound operation network, and an efficient operation process, which can meet the customer needs to the greatest extent. This is Prime's exclusive competitive edge.

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Prime always adheres to the mission of promoting the development of global logistics with innovation, the values of integrity and sustainability, and the business philosophy of innovation and win-win results

No integrity, no business

Development goal:
To be No.1 of IoT; to be No.1 of the world; to create the happiest workplace for staff

Enterprise spirit:
Unity, struggle, devotion, innovation, perfection