Forwarding service

Forwarding service

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

Our company provides a complete set of logistics services for customers who need to ship on behalf of customers. The user can ship the purchased products directly from the supplier to our company’s warehouse, and we will process the package according to the customer’s requirements after receiving the package.

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service advantage

Cost savings: Goods go directly from the supplier to our company, saving the shipping cost from the customer to our company.
Accelerated delivery time: Customers do not have to turn over packages multiple times, saving delivery time.
Save energy: parcels are handled by us, customers can focus on developing the market and increasing sales.

Service Content

Customized services such as product quality inspection, package splitting, package merging, packaging, labeling, and photography

Service Process

1. First contact our company's business personnel;
2. Consult the business needs and the delivery method and time of the transshipment items.
3. Create a logistics order, choose the delivery service, and fill in the domestic express tracking number. Do not leave blanks and other non-single-number information in the express tracking number. Fill in the item information in the remarks so that we can process your package.

Customer case

Mr. Zhang lives in Xiangjiang Century City and has been doing AliExpress and eBay for more than a year. The method he uses is to purchase from Taobao and other platforms after he has a sales order, and then repackage it and send it to the logistics company by express. After Mr. Zhang uses the international forwarding service, the purchased products are directly sent to Plain Logistics, and the parcels are processed by Plain Logistics and sent to foreign countries, which saves the logistics cost. The delivery time has been accelerated by 3-7 days.

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