Customs clearance service

Customs clearance service

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Customs declaration and inspection can be said to be the most critical part of the success or failure of import and export of goods. Our company is equipped with experienced customs declaration personnel to directly handle customs declaration and inspection procedures. Import and export customs clearance provides effective protection
· The customs declaration at each port has realized paperless operation, electronic input, and the customs clearance process is efficient and convenient.
· Possess professional qualifications in many industries and can operate various types of commodities
· Can provide other expansion services including transportation, warehousing, inspection, logistics processing, etc.

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Customs clearance service (3)

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Export declaration: the procedures are simple and convenient, and the product range is wide: your company (factory) only needs to send the product name, quantity, weight, value, packaging form and other information to our company, (If inspection and quarantine are required, it must be sent to us in advance.) Our company can handle all the required documents on your behalf, and complete the relevant procedures in a safe and timely manner.

Import customs declaration: various forms, a wide range of routes, including general trade agency customs declaration, the company's tax package agency customs declaration, and bulk cargo express customs declaration.

All-weather one-stop service: the company not only acts as an agent for customs declaration, but also acts as an agent for inspection, fumigation, disinfection, transportation, warehousing and other services.can place an order in our system according to your needs. Select different inspection items, and the inspectors will inspect the products according to the items you selected. Each inspector is equipped with a handheld terminal to display various data of the product

service advantage

1. Sunshine norms, the whole process is supported by the new customs policy, sunshine norms, no gray areas, safe and stable, and the whole process can be monitored.
2. The overall process is clear and simple, easy to operate, and the whole process is controlled by specialists for efficiency and quality, which is completely different from the traditional whole process that requires hands-on management. One-stop service allows you to worry about the whole process;
3. Compared with the previous way of importing through general trade, the tax cost has been saved.
The transportation method can save most of the freight, and the operation fee and customs clearance fee are the lowest;
4. The whole process of system docking and tracking, through the provided various system API interfaces, the current implementation of the goods can be obtained and returned to the order status, which is convenient for settlement, docking and control;
5. One order to the end, integrating different domestic distribution companies and system docking.

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