• Dropshipping service

    Dropshipping service

    One-piece drop shipping is one of the best procurement models with low risk and quick returns. It solves the problem of overstocking inventory and saves the tedious process of packing and contacting logistics companies. The goods are directly sent to the designated order destination, and the self-developed goods transportation system is used to connect with the procurement system. When the products are inspected without any problems, they will automatically enter the goods transportation system after packaging, and use personal terminal equipment to print international shipping labels. , while saving a lot of manpower and material resources, it also ensures the accuracy of transportation data and shortens the delivery time.

  • ODM service

    ODM service

    ODM: (Original Design Manufacturing)
    The purchaser is responsible for all the services included in the production and authorized production and maintenance. Buyers usually also allow their , , , branded products. After a manufacturer designs a product, after the manufacturer designs a product, it may be seen by manufacturers of other brands, and it is required to be accompanied by the name of a brand for production, or some designs to be produced. . Our company has ODM experience all the year round. Welcome to consult.

  • Prime Logistics collection service

    Prime Logistics collection service

    Prime Logistics provides fast delivery of items to the sender in accordance with the requirements of the sender (seller) and the recipient (buyer) to reach a transaction agreement, and collects the payment from the recipient on behalf of the sender, and at the same time according to the agreement. A personalized service that returns the payment to the sender in time.

  • Personalized packaging customization service

    Personalized packaging customization service

    Can make clothes washing labels, collar labels and sew and replace according to your requirements.

  • Overseas forwarding service

    Overseas forwarding service

    The overseas shipping (overseas transfer) service provided is a service that ships items purchased at shopping sites and auction sites that do not handle overseas shipping overseas.

  • Inspection service

    Inspection service

    Our professional inspection team has many years of experience in quality inspection. Each product is carefully inspected. We have designed a variety of inspection methods for different products, and customers can choose according to their own needs, The following are some of our inspection items

  • Warehousing system

    Warehousing system

    The warehousing system developed by our company is highly flexible and can easily correspond to the receipt, inventory, storage, and delivery of goods. Through our system, you can receive the ongoing status of the goods in real time, including the arrival of the goods, Weight, box size, etc., after all the goods are ready, you only need to click the delivery button, and the warehouse staff will arrange the outbound transportation of the goods as soon as possible.

  • Purchasing system

    Purchasing system

    Customers can place orders through the procurement system independently developed by our company. Our professional procurement team has rich experience in docking with tens of thousands of stores, and can purchase goods, return and exchange goods, etc. according to customer needs. One-time communication and solution, because of the high flexibility and transparency of our company’s system, customers can follow up the status of goods in real time, so that customers can be absolutely assured and assured, and customers will never have to worry about the future

  • Forwarding service

    Forwarding service

    Our company provides a complete set of logistics services for customers who need to ship on behalf of customers. The user can ship the purchased products directly from the supplier to our company’s warehouse, and we will process the package according to the customer’s requirements after receiving the package.

  • Fulfillment by Amazon

    Fulfillment by Amazon

    The FBA distribution service is designed to simplify sales, and the sales service is completed by Amazon, including a series of services such as Amazon’s overseas warehouse storage, customer service, distribution, and after-sales. Basically, as long as the goods are handed over to the Amazon distribution center, the rest is done by Amazon.Our company’s FBA distribution service has the following advantages

  • Customs clearance service

    Customs clearance service

    Customs declaration and inspection can be said to be the most critical part of the success or failure of import and export of goods. Our company is equipped with experienced customs declaration personnel to directly handle customs declaration and inspection procedures. Import and export customs clearance provides effective protection
    · The customs declaration at each port has realized paperless operation, electronic input, and the customs clearance process is efficient and convenient.
    · Possess professional qualifications in many industries and can operate various types of commodities
    · Can provide other expansion services including transportation, warehousing, inspection, logistics processing, etc.