Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

The FBA distribution service is designed to simplify sales, and the sales service is completed by Amazon, including a series of services such as Amazon’s overseas warehouse storage, customer service, distribution, and after-sales. Basically, as long as the goods are handed over to the Amazon distribution center, the rest is done by Amazon.Our company’s FBA distribution service has the following advantages

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7 years of US, Japan Amazon FBA sea freight, air freight experience. Familiar with the US, Japan Amazon FBA shipping requirements.

Additional services can be provided upon customer reques

Change packaging, make pallets, stick FBA labels, etc.


Only accept general cargo, not sensitive cargo. Strictly check the packaging and label qualification. Solve the problem before shipping.


The full name is independent operation, grasp the first-hand price, and give profits to each customer


After receiving the order, arrange the warehouse in advance and arrange the shipment in time. At the same time, real-time tracking of customs clearance and delivery time. Ensure that the goods arrive in the hands of customers in a timely manner.


From ordering, warehousing, and delivery. The logistics status can be tracked online in real time during the whole process.

Who is the FBA shipping service suitable for?

1. Medium and large sellers, with large inventory, large sales volume and fast turnover;
2. Sellers who sell small products, such as jewelry, have low storage costs for small products;
3. Sellers who want to improve more conversion rates;
3. Sellers who want to get more free time.

What are the advantages of FBA shipping services?

1. Simpler and more convenient operation process;
2. Higher exposure and conversion rates, more buyers believe that Amazon can provide good service quality;
3. More discounts: Prime membership discounts and Super saver, etc.;
4.7*24 hours non-closed sales experience, get more orders;
5. More free time, more time and energy for product selection and product optimization;
6. There are more FBA learning materials on the Internet, and almost most questions can be answered;
7. Amazon will complete the tedious after-sales work and return service for you;
8. Amazon will help you resolve any express disputes caused by delivery;
9. If the goods are lost after entering the warehouse, you can apply for compensation to Amazon;
10. Better improve the listing ranking (the exposure rate is about 40% more than FBM), and better chance to get the Buy box;
11. The FBA delivery fee can also be reduced or exempted for the buyer's purchase of products with a unit price of more than 300 US dollars;
12. Amazon will help you delete bad reviews caused by logistics and delivery;
13. Enjoy the intelligent management of Amazon's global sites, and the delivery speed is super fast;
14. The threshold for participating in Amazon activities, such as BD, seckill activities, etc. must be FBA.

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