The online scale is 692 million US dollars, and the fifth largest matrix market in Brazil is waiting for you to explore!

Maternal and baby toys are the 5th largest online matrix market in Brazil
In 2021, the online market size of Brazilian mother and baby toys will be US$692 million, ranking the fifth largest matrix market in Brazil.

high growth potential
Brazil’s online market is growing rapidly, with a compound annual growth rate of over 20% in the next five years. In 2025, the online scale will surpass that of Spain.
Users tend to be middle-to-high-income young groups
1. Young
In 2021, in the e-commerce market of maternal and infant toys in Brazil, users aged 18-44 will account for 84.3%, while this proportion is less than 80% in major European markets;
2. Middle and high income
In 2021, middle and high income will account for 76.6%.
shopping preferences
Toys: Brand/IP Driven
When purchasing toy products, Brazilian consumers are more driven by brands and IP than in Europe, especially in dolls, building blocks, trendy toys, figures, car models and other categories.

Baby shoes and clothing: cost performance / style
Maternity and baby products: quality/price ratio

Mothers want to provide safer care for their babies, so they prefer mother and baby products brands with both cost-effectiveness and quality. In baby care/feeding/diapers and other categories, the top 10 brands occupy only 60% of the market share.

love traditional toys
The proportion of Brazilian adults buying toys for themselves is relatively low, and their toy consumption is mainly based on traditional toys for children. Dolls are the most popular toys among Brazilian children, accounting for nearly 30% of the retail market, while infant toys account for 12%. Preschool toys accounted for 7%, and building blocks, outdoor toys, strollers, and remote control accounted for less than 5%.

Post time: Apr-01-2022