No holiday spirit? Real-time orders help you create a hot selling atmosphere in your store!

The annual holidays are the most important sales opportunities for cross-border sellers. For some cross-border sellers, the sales during this period even account for more than 20% of the annual sales. Compared with usual, based on the major premise of festive atmosphere, even if they receive unneeded marketing information, the public will rarely reject brand holiday marketing.

If cross-border sellers can take advantage of the holidays and do a good job in marketing, they can mobilize a huge consumer crowd without having to spend too much marketing, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, every year’s holidays are a time for major brands and major sellers to “fight” fiercely. So how can independent website sellers stand out?

Atmosphere Group: Live Orders 

Festival marketing, that is, during the festival, using consumers’ holiday consumption psychology, comprehensively using various marketing methods, to carry out product and brand promotion activities, in order to improve product sales and store conversion rate. The creation of a festive atmosphere in the store is a very important part of it.

Real-time orders are a method that independent website sellers often use to create a store atmosphere. The continuous refresh of real-time orders often makes consumers think that independent stations are very popular and have a strong sense of festive shopping atmosphere. Due to the herd mentality and the influence of the festive atmosphere, consumers will not only relax their vigilance, but even stimulate a strong desire to buy.

Secondly, real-time orders can also play a guiding role for consumers. Some consumers will look for corresponding products because of the news of real-time orders. This can increase the possibility of the product being purchased, which is beneficial to increase the sales of popular products.

Finally, real-time orders are not the patent of holidays. In the daily operations of independent stations, the role of real-time orders is also obvious. The hot selling atmosphere and information guidance can reduce the psychological defense line of consumers to a certain extent and increase the sales volume of the store.

When the seller turns on the real-time order function, every 10 seconds in the front section of the store, the products of the paid order will be displayed, creating a hot selling atmosphere for the store and increasing consumers’ desire to buy.

How to create a festive atmosphere in your store

In addition to creating a sense of atmosphere through real-time orders, big promotion posters and store decoration are also important ways to create a festive atmosphere in the store. There are some places that need to be paid special attention by sellers. The first is the big promotion poster. When conceiving pictures, sellers need to distinguish the priority, the product is the most important, and all designs should revolve around the product.

Sellers should avoid mixing all the bells and whistles, which can attract consumers’ attention. But it will also make consumers unable to find the key points. When consumers cannot get the promotional information they want in a short time, consumers may ignore the poster information directly, or even leave the website directly. Similarly, store decoration also needs to follow the principle of product prominence.

Secondly, in the color selection of store decoration, try to use warm colors such as red and orange as the main color. According to the influence of color on consumer psychology, red can give people a sense of irrationality, and it is easier for consumers to have the impulse to buy. And cool colors, such as blue, gray, etc., will make consumers calm down, which may lead to a decrease in the final purchase rate.

Of course, in addition to considering consumer psychological factors, sellers also need to consider the overall effect of the store and the characteristics of the product. If the seller is selling medical products, warm colors are not suitable. This creates an unprofessional impression on consumers, which reduces consumer trust.

Finally, each festival has its own characteristics and commemorative significance, so the seller needs to decorate the store differently according to the characteristics of the festival. For example, at Christmas, elements such as snowflakes, ribbons, bells, elk, etc. are appropriately added; on Mother’s Day, carnations as auxiliary elements of the store will also be a good choice. Targeted store decoration can make consumers more thoroughly immersed in the festive atmosphere.

Of course, the atmosphere of the store mainly impacts consumers visually and emotionally, but in the end, it is the real discounts provided by sellers that can impress consumers.

Post time: Jul-05-2022