Cross-border play is bound to be closely related to product selection?

for cross-border e-commerce? For Amazon, choosing products and considering whether to send FBA or self-delivery are related. If you choose a product that is popular on the Internet, what should you consider? The first consideration is this product Is it infringing? The second product that has become popular on the Internet cannot be sent to FBA. Why? Because the time of this product’s popularity is too short, when you send FBA, you haven’t entered the warehouse, and the cycle of this product is almost gone, so you choose a product that is popular in a short time and has a short life cycle. Self-delivery is Good choice.

In general, many cross-border e-commerce sellers now pay attention to one style of play, what style of play? First choose self-delivery as the basic business, secondly, do cotton spinning fast-moving consumer goods and send FBA to build a long-term brand. When choosing products, you must consider the life cycle of the product. Do you want to be a long-term brand or a short-term strategy? It is inseparable from the selection of products. In addition to considering the life cycle of the product, you must also consider the profit point of the product. Generally, as on Amazon, the profit point should generally be kept around the average. Why, first of all, you are not using the distribution model , In addition to a distribution price, the distribution model only needs to consider the platform’s commission, so it is relatively simple, but for normal FBA, you will consider the logistics cost, storage cost and purchase cost, plus Amazon’s commission of ten Two points, you should also consider that the price of your product cannot be adjusted too high, and the price of the product is too high to be competitive, so what should we consider for simple product selection tips?

1 . Generally speaking, the profit margin should be kept at around 50%. You can compare the price with Amazon, Ebay , Esty and other e-commerce platforms according to the market trend and target commodity cost price you understand;
2. There must be a sense of trial and error, no one chooses one, it will explode, and there must be mental preparation for continuous trial and error, don’t be afraid of losing money, deal with it in time, and change directions;
3. Seasonal products cannot be the only popular items in the store. For example, Christmas gifts can only be auxiliary products for the occasion
4. Don’t blindly follow trends. In terms of supply chain, operation level, etc., if you don’t have the strength to fight against the water, you can still make some profits if you follow quickly. If you follow slowly, you can only wait to squeeze the goods;
5. From the aspect of increasing customer stickiness, for the selection of drainage, topical and profit models, the packaging should be unique, or design services can be provided to allow customers to increase their sense of identity with you from these invisible services, and also prevent hijacking. Way;

Cross-border product selection is inherently a science. After choosing a good product category, how to choose the delivery mode is also very important. Generally speaking, the way of doing store operations is similar, as long as you choose the right products, for The long-term development of your store is also very good. I hope that all cross-border sellers can sell well in the Year of the Tiger.

Post time: Apr-01-2022